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Debra Jean Terpstra - WithMeFit.com


What people are saying about Debra…

Keep up the good work Miss Buffcake, you are a star and this is your world girl.

Ronnie Coleman

I’ve seen a lot of fitness pages, but you are the first person I found who put their whole heart into it – sharing meals, workouts, setbacks, accomplishments, love and positive encouragement to everyone out there. I think people who are struggling and trying to change their body as well as their life really need to see the person underneath. They see you giving it your all and showing how much work and dedication it takes, along with the amazing transformation pics that shows it’s all worth it in the end. You share your journey and your story and I don’t think you realize how many people you have inspired because of it. ❤

Lisa W.
age 34

In the social media world of inspiring, fit women one comes across a variety of those who represent the industry: the product-pushers, the ‘omitters’ who never seem to have a bad day, and then rarely those like Debra Jean. She is honest in her victories, honest in her struggles and honest as to the layers of herself. It is incredibly inspiring to see someone attain the rarely projected contentment with a lifestyle focused on fitness.

Krista C.