Fall In Love With The Process

Fall in love with the process and you’ll never worry about the time it takes to reach your destination. I don’t bodybuild just for aesthetics. As much as I love seeing the results of my work, even in as little as a few weeks time, I really do it because I love being in control of changing how my body looks. It’s very empowering. I’m not trying to attract a mate or get praise and compliments, this is about me having power over my mental and physical health.

You also have the power at any time to make a change to better your physical or mental health. At ANY time you can change how the story unfolds. With all the things in my life that I am often powerless over, this constant is as reassuring as my faith…and in the same way it resonates throughout my lifestyle. If I work hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, a little bit at a time to build my body, can’t I do the same for every aspect of my life? Once you tell yourself you are going to take control, make a plan and take action. The results WILL come. All while just living your life because it will become your life.

It’s very gratifying to improve one aspect of yourself at a time, and take control. It begins to trickle down to the rest because your methods change the process of who you are,  and you grow. Maybe some of you think this is just about wanting a nice butt or toned arms, but if this is the case you are missing the point. The actual result will fade if the behavior is not repeated. It needs to be learned and applied everywhere and it will because you are changing yourself starting with your mind and soon to follow is your behavior. As this happens, it becomes ingrained in you so you will not fall back into old habits. New habits become your old habits and that’s where the strength, discipline, and power are created, as well as a new you. This is where bettering yourself and wanting more for you in all areas becomes a lifestyle and a mindset. I’ve noticed it is rather addicting.

Bit by bit I am recreating myself, instead of letting the winds of change blow me around and letting life and time do its thing. Rep by rep I am realizing I am unshakable. No, this isn’t about being sexy, it’s about knowing what I am and not caring what anyone thinks about me, it’s about accepting that so I can focus on my goals and continue to become more. Make your life an example and have it be a gift to others by showing them what living is. There is so much beauty to finding the power to take control of your life and it demonstrates a peace that to me can only be summed up in this way: I don’t spend my days wishing I was somewhere else, because every day I’m already there.