Make Yourself Valuable

In a world full of 7.4 billion people how do you stand out from the rest. Many people would describe themselves as good spouses or parents, funny, kind, or genuine, but how does that make you different? More importantly, how does that make you valuable? We all know that actions speak louder than words, so I want to encourage you to think about how you can better yourself this year, to become more valuable to society. Think about the talents you have, and the gifts you aren’t honing, that make you really unique and valuable. The world is a needy place, and if you have something others need, you’ve created value in yourself. Now, I’m not saying goodness and kindness and humor aren’t valuable. I’m saying those characteristics are the roots to spawning talents people would invest in from you. They inspire action and action is valuable. When you can do something then you have something to offer that others need.

For example: Say you are stranded by the side of the road with a flat tire which you don’t know how to change. Let”s say somebody stops to help you but they don’t know how to change a tire either, but they are nice and keep you company for 30 minutes and then head on their way. Then someone else stops who is a total jerk and rude, but promptly shows you how to change the tire in 10 minutes and leaves without a word. Who was more valuable?

Everyone is passionate about something, but loving it doesn’t make you an expert. If you want to become valuable and considered an expert in whatever you are passionate about here are 4 criteria, in my opinion that will get you there.

  1. Experience. They say practice makes perfect, or perfect practice makes perfect, but either way, repeatedly doing anything allows it to become second nature. Even mistakes teach problem solving which can be a set back the first time, but a lesson for the future. Time is money, and if you can do the same job in less time, in the long run it will be more beneficial to everyone. Unfortunately, but not necessarily experience may take time. More so it will take drive, work ethic, and your time. You decide your pace.
  2. Education. Yes you can research, and most adults spend a lot of time googling but a formal education is respected and valid. It definitely makes you more valuable to an employer, and many times, regardless of applicability, someone with formal education will be hired over someone without just because it shows dedication and tenacity. Nothing bad ever came from learning. Whether the school comes to you via DIY or you attend actual classes, or even simply read books, by doing this you will increase your value. Knowledge is power.
  3. References. Word of mouth advertising is the MOST valuable, only because it means you have proven yourself and people will vouch for you. When you do good work, you shouldn’t have to toot your own horn. I’ve learned this time and time again with all my businesses. People are convinced with results not promises. It’s how my cleaning business grows, it’s how my website has grown, and it’s how my coaching has grown. Which leads me to my final point.
  4. Results. Unfortunately there is something to be said about popularity contests. If your talent breeds the results you promise then you will have to do less speaking because your results will speak for you, and that word will spread. Now people don’t always become popular for the right reasons, but if you are a valuable popular you will not just be 15 seconds of famous. Whatever you are trying to sell, begin with yourself so you can be a walking example of your results. Nobody can argue with you if you are the proof. As a walking testimony of your value, success is sure to follow.

We have a brand new year in front of us. Go out of your way to discover, invest in, and hone your talents, so next year at this time there’s more of you to offer. Everyone wants to be successful, and it looks different on each individual, but you ARE valuable with every potential to become MORE valuable. My personal goal is always to be able to give more, so that’s why I strive to grow more. The more I grow, the more I have to give. Cheers!