Gratitude Journal

This isn’t anything super special, but I started to realized how blessed I am and wanted to actually take notes of it over the course of about 30 days. Just like you I have bad days but I wondered how many there actually are that I can’t find something to be grateful for! To be honest, in the last 30 days I only had two that I had to reach to find the good. And the other days not only did blessings occur, but multiple blessings occurred. It is so easy to find the dirt in each day. I encourage you to find the gold, even if it’s covered with dirt. This is my Gratitude Journal from August 6th-September 9th. I have to say, most of my joy comes from my daughter, and helping others. God is so good.


  • Aug 6th Annas steak was overlooked at Applebee’s so they gave us a fresh one and didn’t charge us for it. We tipped the waiter the $6 plus and complimented a table of teenage girls on the way out. Kindness breeds kindness. Ed Koo send $100 iron Rebel gift certificate for us to spend at the Iron Rebel Store. He is a Christian.
  • August 7th started modeling for Berkshire Hathaway
  • August 8th Lost a cleaning job but decided it was time to make the Website free to those who can’t afford it!! God will provide.
  • August 9th Thankful Annas dad could build a chicken coop for Annas chickens. God gave me peace about finding a place for us to live.
  • August 10th Laurie is an amazing posing client and Cassie found a bone marrow donor so fun meeting her in person. Thankful for my health and the ability to help people.
  • August 11th Eating disorder client is thriving!! Deep tissue massage is working! Package arrived from iron rebel!
  • August 12th Package from Gavelo Sweden package from Blackstone
  • August 13th bought groceries and went to Chocolatea thankful we can buy food and splurge a little sometimes without worrying about rent. Love grocery shopping with Anna. Love everything with Anna.
  • August 14th someone at a modeling clinic asked if I wanted more children. Options are nice but grateful for my current situation and feeling sure about knowing who I am finally.
  • August 15th 4 weeks binge free for a client!!
  • August 16 started new clean and I’m just super happy in general today! Thankful for real live friends!! Helped a little girl in the gym today who was only 14 with her lifting form.
  • August 17th my car got towed today because I was stupid. I was pissed at first but…then I remembered I didn’t used to have a car and I won’t go broke spending $27 on a towing ticket and it could be worse.
  • August 18th thankful my mom is good at her job lol… she is a therapist and listens well and allows me to sort out my problems and come up with solutions myself. And she’s always proud of me.
  • August 19th noticed Anna says yes please all the time when you ask her if she wants something. Thankful for a polite child.
  • August 20th Anna got the teacher she wanted for school. Happy kid means happy mom.
  • August 21 Anna is modeling with me and I’m teaching her to runway walk . Also ever grateful for dental floss and that fall will be here soon.
  • August 22 magic sponges. Very thankful for magic sponges.
  • August 23 Annas first day of school. Thankful for routine once again.
  • August 24 Back at Heidi’s to clean as I was off her place for the summer. I stumbled across a note her college son had written to his dad and he signed it “Stay in Prayer, Josh”  It honestly made me cry tears of joy. I hope my daughter is this bold, an centered in her faith when she leaves home.  #stay in prayer
  • August 25 figured new diet for Jack and he loves it
  • August 26th 3 days in a row training!!! Somebody who doesn’t give compliments easily told me I was beautiful.
  • Aug 26th 4 new clients and iron rebel almost asked me to work the Olympia booth!
  • August 27th shot Pizza Hut ESPN commercial. How cool is this!!?
  • August 28th posed with 2 new amazing clients and one asked me to do her contest prep diet!
  • August 29th vacuum repair costs half as much as it was supposed to! Posed with client in Marshall and she is coming along very nicely!! She’s practicing!!!
  • August 30th John meadows responded to my email…big things on the horizon
  • August 31 last day with Anna before leaving tmrw for Pittsburg 🙂
  • September 1 met Brandon Beckrich of Iron Rebel and talked about doing a shoot together this November.
  • Sept 2 met Dave from fit crunch and he sent free protein bars to our local store in kalamazoo from Pittsburg and gave me two boxes of freeones, Introduced myself to Shane Heugly and he already knew who I was!
  • Sept 3 didn’t die in hotel fire…grrr no sleep tho lol
  • Sept 4 meeting Laurie in person to pose with her in Ohio and she’s a hormone doctor and told me why my test levels are low…it’s fixable  without medication.
  • Sept 5 I have Anna back after being gone 5 days all we do is snuggle and talk. Absence makes any heart grow fonder.
  • Sept 6 Samantha Charlton 💚 my first bikini client is back at school at western and she joined my gym. she is amazingly positive and mature and I’m excited to see her regularly. This guy asked me out so I have my first date coming up in over 2 years. Pretty excited.
  • Sept 7th iron rebel sponsorship
  • September 8th buzz fit nutrition sponsorship
  • September 9th Someone stood up for me at my gym and the bullying that’s been going on for almost 3 years has finally stopped. Tears of joy!! Figure client is down 3pounds!! We are finally on track with her prep diet!!

Even just rereading this now makes me realize I have a lot to be grateful for. Some of it is “stuff’, a lot of it is people!! I want to encourage you to try keeping a gratitude journal for 30 days and see what kind of blessings you have coming to you that you may be overlooking every day. I would love to hear about your good news and blessings also, so feel free to share them with me. This Gratitude Journal might even be something we look into selling at the WithMeFit store. Thanks!!