Happy Birthday Annabelle

Today marks the 11 year anniversary of the best day of my life….

Dear Annabelle Grace Terpstra, after 3 and a half years of trying to get pregnant, with multiple surgeries, rounds of fertility drugs, a miscarriage, and lots of prayers…finally I was at peace that I would never be pregnant…when I found out I was. On September 18, 2005 you came into the world not breathing, and I almost thought once again I would never be a mom…but God is good and he knew that you would give me a purpose, bring out my best me, and make me a stronger, better person. People can speculate all they want as to what kind of person they think I am, but without question being your mom is my favorite, biggest, most important, and most rewarding job and I give it 100% every day. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday my love. I will always be your safety net, your protector, or cheer leader, your disciplinarian, and your grocery buddy, your shoulder to cry on, your confidant, your counselor, your tag team comedian, and the one who loves you the most. Always. You make me proud with your kindness, politeness, graciousness, empathetic behavior towards anyone, and your endearing love of all creatures great and small. Snow White doesn’t hold a candle to you and you inspire me every day to be a bigger better person. There aren’t enough thanks I can give to God for allowing me to be your mom, and I am forever grateful for an opportunity I thought I would never have. To God be the glory.

ps: a lot of you asked me what I got anna for her birthday…well she didn’t want anything, she almost never does, so we had a birthday party yesterday with her friends, and today we went to church and out to dinner… lol yeah, she’s perfect.