New Car!

On September 26th, Anna and I got into a car accident right after school. We are fine but she bumped her head against the window and has a slight bruise on her forehead. There’s extensive damage to my car but we have insurance etc etc…this was almost the last straw to a horrible day. The woman that hit us laughed at my cleaning supplies getting hit by traffic as they got thrown from the trunk that wouldn’t close. Then One of my clients husband who is also a pastor stopped and hugged me and Anna and he and his son wired the trunk shut for us so we could drive home. We headed over to Chocoltea because Anna wanted a tea…we are sitting here now and she just looked at me sitting here crying…don’t worry mommy, it could have been so much worse. We aren’t in the hospital. We are here.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers over the last two weeks as we searched to find a new car. We were hit on September 26 by a suburban and it totaled our Toyota Corolla. God is good and we found a car that will never get lost and suits our needs. I’m gonna hold off on the Charger for a few more but meanwhile thanks again. We are thankful to be alive another day and blessed by the goodness of family, friends, and our great God. We have a pumpkinmobile in time for fall!!!