Looking Like You Had a Baby After You Had a Baby

I think a lot of times people struggle in situations because they don’t accept that life is actually working for them and not to them. Looking back I see God had an amazing plan for me and there’s one thing in particular I’m very thankful for. As much as I hate having started so late in the game with this sport of bodybuilding, I’m very glad I accepted my role as a parent to my baby when I had her as one. I wasn’t obsessed with gym sessions, or competitions or research, or even getting my pre-pregnancy body back…I’m so glad I just took care of Anna.

I see so many women juggling gym time and families and I could not have balanced that like I see so many of you doing! So this message is for those who were like me. It’s ok. I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy, nursed Anna until she was two, and was still 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight when she was a year old. I didn’t lose the weight until her 2nd birthday. I weighed 122lbs (not muscular) when i got pregnant and got up to 173-3/4lbs It was totally worth it. I didn’t get into bodybuilding until 2010 when I was going through my divorce and I needed something besides anti-depressants to make me feel valuable and worthwhile.

Everything happens in its time….It really does. And I’m happier with my almost 41 year old self than I ever was at 16, 25, 30, 35 or even 21. And all my dreams are still coming true, even if it isn’t in the order I had planned. All things in your life are working for you….Preparing you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually….nobody is trying to sabotage your goals, or keep you from your dreams, except you. These moments, events, and situations are creating you and making you. Readying you. Good moments encourage you,keep you full and on track, bad ones to make you stronger, challenge you, and making you appreciate the good moments.  Are you seizing the day? Are you embracing your moments? Are you utilizing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow and live or are you complaining like a victim. God gives his toughest battles to the strongest soldiers. Remember who you are and your worth was decided when He made you in His image. You can’t chose the hand you were dealt but you can chose how you play it. Make each moment work FOR you. All we have is now.