Kendra Frost Client Testimonial

Best I’ve ever looked. Thank you Debra jean for being so dedicated to your coaching! This woman straight up gave me more attention than I could have ever asked for during this prep! She was there for me the whole time, all the way from my old home in Michigan! Second place was cool, but next we are going to dominate! Some changes and some improvements need to be made, but we are going all in this year!

Dear Kendra,

You could not have made me more proud through this journey! Working swing shift, figuring out a sluggish thyroid, and constantly changing your work schedule and training and cardio was enough to stress even ME out for you, but you endured, balancing life beautifully, and then proudly taking the stage with grace and strength. We will only get better from here and continue until you get what you deserve. You are a beautiful person inside and out and an incredible athlete. It’s a privilege to work with anyone on this level where trust is given before it’s earned. I pour everything into my clients because their success is my success and it’s my something I’m beyond passionate about. Months of texts, phone calls, photos, videos, face time, between weekly or bi-weekly check-ins was totally worth it. We built a friendship and a solid structure together. I thank you for trusting me to do this with you. (Especially all the way in California) Excited for the next one. Thanks for inspiring and working.