Robin Vocarro Client Testimonial

I started my fitness journey with Deb in June of 2018 after wanting to see a small change in my body. I soon realized that the biggest change I would need to make was a mental one, even more so than physical exercise and diet.

Deb was there every step of the way. I considered her to be more than just a trainer. She was always available even if just to answer a simple question. She pushed me in a positive manner when I wasn’t having the best days, and she praised my successes always.

Deb is incredibly knowledgeable in her craft and truly tailors a program specific to each client. If you’re craving something, she’ll find a way to curb it, or fit it in your plan! She makes being healthy feel possible and doable.

The biggest change I have made through this journey is becoming a stronger woman, mentally and physically. I have more knowledge and helpful tips to navigate meal prepping and workouts. I feel like I have the tools for an extremely healthy and balanced lifestyle, and it’s all because of Deb!

Robin you were such a joy to work with and I truly consider you a friend. Your personality just shines and I admire your mental fortitude in the gym and in life. I still have high hopes of getting you on stage competing so please know I will be here if you ever decide you are ready for that. Meanwhile keep kicking butt every day just by being so strong. I know you will continue towards your goals of building because this is who you are. I’m impressed and grateful for your trust and open communication. Thanks for helping me grow.