Cat Crites Client Testimonial

“At 33 years old and competing for my 3rd time after a 3 year hiatus; I couldn’t have imagined such a smooth prep! (pictures are 3 years apart, the second one working with Deb)
I started working with Deb 4 months before we began my actual competition prep. This was so beneficial because Deb got to know me and how my body adapts and reacts, so she could pave the most solid path for me!
Deb possesses a truly beautiful approach in developing her clients. She meets you where you are, takes you where she knows you can go organically and the result is a very successful and happy client and coach! She has a keen sense of what is working and what is not working for her clients and makes adjustments that allow you to stay the course until you reach your goals.
I am so grateful to work with Deb and I look forward to my off-season/lifestyle coaching with her!”
Cat, not only did I gain a client through this all but I gained a friend. I am so proud of you for sticking with me through a growing phase and then the long slow 16 weeks of prep. I was so happy you decided to do a second show after the intended show because we were able to bring you in even tighter and solidify a second place spot in your class. You worked SO hard, communicated so well, and toughed it out, all while growing your real estate business and running several other businesses. Thank you for trusting me, Cat. I look forward to leading you on to your tremendous future of competing as you own the stage again.