Spiritual Grace

It surprises me how many are willing to offer non-judgmental or even encouraging words towards those in their fitness journey but are not willing to offer the same grace to those on their spiritual journey.

Expecting someone to be where you are with their fitness is similarly expecting someone to be where you are spiritually. It’s ridiculous. Just because someone has been training as many years as you doesn’t mean they’re going to be the same physically. God made us all different and just like with fitness or bodybuilding you reach a destination and you’re done, so why do you expect people to be in the same place as you just because they call themselves a Christian. Two people can call themselves bodybuilders but they can be no where near each other in terms of progress.

God takes you from where you are in His time and at His pace, and everyone starts at their own different individual beginning. How much effort are you putting into learning how to be Christlike? How much effort are you putting into training and nutrition? If you’re like me you are pathetically inconsistent in both realms. Maybe you see people act erratically and you wonder why or just assume they are fake or don’t know who they are. I think it’s easiest to understand when we remember everyone is trying on their own level with the tools they’ve been given.  Once a person begins his or her spiritual journey the devil tries like hell (literally) to pull them back. I am reminded daily that Gods grace is sufficient for everyone because everyone needs it. Can I get an Amen.

Surely a lot of people need Jesus but even more have Jesus they just aren’t where you are yet or they are fighting the devil regularly so Jesus can win and be Lord of their life. They aren’t being fake they are just sinners same as everyone else.  And who’s to say where they would be without him at all. We are all doing our best and need to remember that and pray for those who are lost or struggling. We ALL have along way to go. It’s call sanctification and the end of the journey, the “become” isn’t in this earthly lifetime.

Maybe this frustration you have with others is God breaking you to change something in yourself. (I need to tell myself…..) If you’re unsure pray “thy will be done”. God breaks you because he wants to make you whole. In fitness it’s called bodybuilding not bodybuilt because you’re never really done. Spiritual growth is the same. It’s an endless journey. I personally have so much work to do in both arenas. The point is to give grace to yourself and others in all things.

God please keep making me.

Matthew 5:44 I tell you the truth, love your enemies and pray for those who challenge you.