Laughter is the Best Medicine (Day 8)

5-6-19 (Monday) Day 8

Laughter is the Best Medicine/Ju-DAY-ism? JUDY-ism?

Weight: 142.5lbs (that’s a low!!)

Sleep wasn’t awful last night but it wasn’t deep and I woke up before my alarm which sucked. I ended up sleeping almost 3 hours after cleaning. For those of you who don’t know I have a full-time job cleaning 9 apartment complexes weekly. I love it actually. I grew up on a farm and am not opposed to blue-collar type jobs. My coaching gig is part time. I cherry pick my clients now and they’re mainly competitors because I prefer that to lifestyle-type coaching as my style of coaching is geared towards training for bodybuilding. I think lifestyle coaching needs more hand-holding and explaining and it isn’t ideal for on-line.

Anyways, I picked up Anna from school and we went to get a coffee (double espresso for me) and she spent 20 minutes debating me (through intense laughter) how to pronounce Judaism while trying to tell me a story about it from school. I kept correcting her just to mess with her and we were crying laughing!!! I love her and being a mom. Laughter is the best medicine. Remember that.

Because of my sleeping I missed a couple meals so I went for more calorie-dense foods to “catch up”. I’m definitely in a cut, but if you are someone trying to get more food in and less volume get your allotment of protein first (and use faster digesting protein like whey protein, eggs (if they digest well for you) and fish (which has less connective tissue) instead of beef and chicken, and then use fruit for some of your carbs (which is great for digestion, not super filling, and easy to get down because it’s delicious). I was never a big fruit eater, but I eat pineapple now more than ever as a carb source because it’s great for digestion.

I eat a lot of carrots too, which are also great for digestion but have often been labeled a “higher calorie” vegetable. I think they are my favorite, especially towards the end of prep when you want something sweet without a lot of calories and are eliminating carbs. 3 ounces of raw carrots has only 35 calories and 8 carbs. They are crunchy, and sweet and very satisfying. My go-to veggies are raw carrots, raw cucumbers, raw red peppers, and purple cabbage. I freeze fresh spinach and throw that into a blended protein shake sometimes too.

I know tomorrow is going to be my long work day and I have not decided yet if I’m going to take a rest day or train. I’ll see how I feel as I’m feeling almost back to normal, just really tired. I skipped training today. I’d intended to do a short back session but the time passed quickly after I got Anna from school and we didn’t get home from her soccer game until 8:30 and I still had some computer work to do. When you are sick it’s always a crap shoot whether to train though or take off. If it deters you from healing and isn’t catalyzing your training/physique goals then resting is often better. Remain on with diet and you’ll be out of the woods in no time. A lot of back-peddling can be spared by keeping diet on track. Trust me I know first hand. I got into bodybuilding because I could eat so much and it would “turn to” muscle.

All in all, my breathing is getting better and I predict for sure by Wednesday I’ll be in a pretty good spot to train fully. I may skip cardio again this week just to get whole training sessions in. I’m very happy with how my physique is progressing. After only one week I see a big difference. I think I’ll have shallow abs in less than 4 weeks. My goal is to get to a leaner state and then from there recomp until I officially start prep for a fall show.

I will get more into my meal specifics as we progress.

I added Reishi to my supp regime two days ago. I think it may be helping me get better Ben Pakulski IFBB pro @bpakfitness swears by it every time he feels he’s getting run down or starting to get sick. I also suggested it to one of my recent prep clients who started getting sick beginning of peak week and illness was staved off for her until after her show. *shrugs

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Calories: 1718 154gP 172gC 53gF

Water: gallon

Training: Off