Sundays are For Pancakes (Day 7)

5-5-19 (Sunday) Day 7

Sundays are for Pancakes, laundry and Church.

Weight: 142.6lbs

Woke up this morning feeling like total crap as neither me nor Anna could sleep last night. As soon as I laid down last night I was restless and couldn’t breathe. The coughing fits lasted until 4am and I ended up taking Delsym (cough medicine) which I hate because I hate that weird buzz feeling. Ps: the tablet benedryl did not help at all. So neither capsule or tablet benedryl  is helping sleep currently. I’m tempted to take two but I’m always scared I’m donna die from a supplement. lol  I’m being sarcastic but also a bit paranoid. Now you are getting to know me. These qualities are what make me a good mom and careful coach lol.

We skipped church today. I had already decided last night we were not going because I spent majority of the week trying not to die. Was really hoping for a good sleep-in-type sleep. Oh well.

Anna wanted pancakes (like every Sunday) so I made her the birthday cake protein pancakes (pictured) while I cooked my chicken. I’ll do some meal prep today. (both the pancake recipe and a blog about meal prep are on my website for members.)

I am pulling nearly everything off the site as my knowledge and tactics for training and nutrition have really evolved over the last 5-6 years and so I am sorting the old and adding new content moving forward. Mostly it’s just new videos I’m working on for both training and talks.

Trying to figure out why I couldn’t sleep last night: I was sort of hungry by bedtime, I prolly should have eaten but I wasn’t hungry taste-wise.

My knee was also bothering me last night, it was just aching and I was worried I went too hard with the squats. (I have a completely torn meniscus in my left knee). This morning it feels alright though and I rolled out my leg with a foam roller and it helped even more. Muscles tend to contract around an injury to stabilize it and that’s often why you get centralized pain. Foam rolling, stretching and graston-type techniques can be very helpful with tight muscles.

I got a shoulder session in. (below) Tomorrow I’ll train back and then Tuesday will be a rest day and hopefully after I’ll be feeling good enough to resume my regular program.

The cough medicine wore off after 12 hours so I took another dose. As much as I hate that weird cough medicine feeling I hate the coughing even more. It exhausts me. Lesser of two evils.

Despite the horrid sleep last night, and a significant amount of computer time I spent working today, and still being sick I am happy and feel like I finally have my shit together. Anna randomly hugged me sweetly while we were both in the kitchen. We walked down to the lake to find the baby geese which the parents had cleverly hidden in one of the cross trails in the woods away from the Sunday people fishing along the shore. We stumbled across them and quietly turned around and went back the way we came so as not to frighten them. Diet is going well, after only one week I see noticeable difference. I am doing the best I can with life and my daughter. I am grateful to be 43 and me.

Calories: 1658 147gP 183gC 42gF (low for me, the cough medicine is messing with my appetite)

Water: 1 gallon


  1. Cable side laterals 1 warm up at 5lbs then 7.5lbs 10,9,8 5lbs 14reps
  2. Seated smith press 2 build sets then 20lbs 10reps 22.5lbs 6.5 reps 15lbs 12reps
  3. Seated smith trap press 3 build sets then 2 work sets 40lbs 13, 11
  4. Ss Bradford press with 50lb EZ bar with 25lb push pin press 19/14, 12/11, 10/10
  5. Hex DB flat press 2 build sets then 2 work sets 35lbs 10,9
  6. 25lb standing plate raise RP (rest pause)  to get 50 reps

My goals for this week:

  • Not miss any training
  • Get good sleep this week (bed by 11:00)
  • Do my stupid ab vacuums 3×20 seconds daily (breathing was tough so holding my breath made me cough trying to do vacuums)
  • Get over this sickness so I can resume my program 100% and add cardio (I did none last week due to illness)