If You Can Breathe You Can Do Cardio (Day 10)

5-8-19 (Wednesday) Day 10

If you can breathe you can do cardio.

I honestly had zero motivation today and was wrecked from my pull session yesterday. Prolly did too much coming back from being sick and I slept horribly also. Digestion wasn’t great today either. I tried Tagamet instead of my usual omeprazole and it wasn’t the same. So I’ll go back to the omeprazole again tomorrow. (I seem to have an acid issue in my stomach). Cough has almost dissipated. I can finally breathe again. Which means cardio has begun.

I had planned a shoulder and quad session but decided to break it up and actually added to it doing a push day and it was awesome. My whole upper body is very sore now though so I know I’ll look forward to that rest day after legs tomorrow. This push session is taken partially from a YouTube video workout of Jay Cutler and Matt Porter which basically starts out with 100 reps side laterals and then a triple drop set and every exercise after is a drop set. I do only one warm up if any, on every exercise following since the 100 rep side laterals basically warm you up. I prefer muscle rounds and intended to do straight sets with the hex press but I couldn’t get the 35’s up a second time so I just dropped the weight to failure twice and it was really good. Initially I had done the tricep exercise last but I like torching my triceps before the hex press (which may have been why I couldn’t get them up a second set) but in my defense that was also a weight pr for me so I’m not mad. I’ll try a second set next time. My shoulder pump was sick I was very happy. I hit the sauna 10 minutes post training.

Sauna or stretching or foam rolling or breathing is super important to do post workout just to shut down that fight or flight response that is going on with the sympathetic nervous system during training. It allows you to switch gears and likely even digest your food better post workout. I try to go into the sauna after every session.

Wednesdays are always hectic as Anna usually has a soccer (or basketball) game and youth group at night. I often go to Planet Fitness while she’s at youth group and I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I opt for walking instead of the stair climber which isn’t the best suggested cardio for someone with a torn meniscus.  My walking is pretty slow now since I’ve not really done much cardio. Months ago I was listening to a podcast where Eric Seiffert @core_muscle_activation was talking about how shoes effect walking and how people walk wrong when they try to walk faster. He said, “if you tell someone to walk faster, What do they do? They talk longer strides. You are supposed to take quicker steps, not longer ones.” He went on to explain how the longer stride throws off everything but I always think of it now as I increase speed walking. The podcast was all about compensation and how the body tries to make things easier on itself as a task/trouble increases. Kind of like how other muscles help one lift something when it’s too heavy for just one to do the job. Fascinating stuff. Here’s the link address if you want to listen. (I believe this is the one)


Anyways while walking I was watching @stephanie_buttermore have an epic cheat day on her YouTube. We haven’t had television since Anna was 3 and we recently got Netflix around Christmas so this is sort of reminiscent of the Food Channel (which I watched daily). Anna knew who Rachel Ray was when she was two lol.  Stephanie actually has her PHD and is very smart and sciency about stuff but she’s a tiny bikini (non-competitor) and does these epic 10k cheat days and it’s fun to watch if you love food.

Water: 100 ounces (not a gallon)

Calories: 1756 157gP 186gC 46gF

Cardio: 30 minutes 2.0 incline 3.5mph

Training: Push Day

  1. 100 rep seated side lateral machine rest 3 minutes then triple drop set
  2. Hammer Shoulder press (face the chair) muscle round (6×4 last set to failure) 30lbs last set was 8 reps
  3. Single shoulder presses (kneeling facing sideways) on the hammer chest press triple drop set
  4. Hammer chest press 5x drop set started at 40lbs
  5. V-grip triceps push-down drop set 7x (starting at 90lbs drop by 10’s)
  6. DB flat hex press 1 warm up 3 build sets 8-12 reps 35lbs 11reps 32.5lbs 10 30lbs 9