Nickles and Dimes

People often look at winning big achievements as a winning a big achievements when it is actually the culmination of winning hundreds of small day to day moments. I didn’t just change my body (and mind) but I repeatedly decided to change my mind and actions every time I was faced with a decision that would either get me closer to, or further from my goal. According to this before and after I did this, pretty consistently for six years to achieve this result. (2011 versus 2017)

How do you win the day to day moments. You choose to. Set up your environment for a long term win. Start with clearing out the junk that’s holding you back from change. Depending on your goal, you can begin with one day of healthy meal prep for the week, or get a gym membership, or drink water instead of caloric beverages. Maybe you need to be courageous and apply for a new job, or you’re lonely and you want to ask one person out, or you aren’t as patient as you need to be with your children and today you are going to speak softly instead of yell.

Don’t postpone your happiness waiting for the finish The long term goal my seem insurmountable with this perspective anyway, and you’ll end up settling or quitting.

Start with today and taking one step towards your goal.

Then recognize those daily steps as the successes they truly are. ‼️New habits will slowly be formed and cemented and each small win will get you a little bit closer to your goal. It is the nickels and dimes that make change not the hundos. Keep working. It all adds up and in time you will hit pay-dirt.