Ivana Ensign Client Transformation

This is not a 6 week challenge. This is 6 weeks into Ivana’s WMF Program. Customized and personalized with nutrition, training, cardio, and supplementation for her with bi-weekly check ins and changes as needed.

She is learning to be healthy. Ivana came to me having followed her own program over the last two years cutting calories lower and lower and adding more and more activity as she tried to drop body fat. Swipe left to see what her daily diet looked like from the WMF assessment form questions she answered for me. It was mostly protein and vegetables with no carbs and little added fats. She would occasionally go off this diet because it was hard to stick to. Previously she was always sore because her body did not have sufficient calories to recover from all her activity and she was in a vicious cycle of eating less and moving more and not losing body fat. Swipe left again to see her goals she sent with her WMF assessment form. I had my own goals and concerns and added them to hers with detailed explanation how we would achieve them and why she was headed for long term health issues if we didn’t.

We started out six weeks ago by swapping a lot if her activity with a hypertrophic intense and intentional weight training program. It has been a process of slowly pulling out cardio, slowing upping calories, and adding regular cheat meals and refeed days. She’s at almost 2k calories a day now with 66 grams of fat in her plan. Her cardio is now only running 30 minutes 4x a week in the morning. Prior, she was running nearly every day at lunch, and doing 2 hiit classes every morning, plus weight training, and playing football an hour on Thursday’s. Cutting out the am hiit classes and putting the running there also allowed her to sleep in longer every day. More sleep is a huge win . Her weight training split is 3 days on, one off, 2 on, one off.

She has full rest day and one active rest day. Her calories are dialed back slightly on rest days. (about 200 calories) She was doing football on Thursday and she may pick up another team sport to replace that one day, which is fine with me.

Every check in I talk to Ivana about her goals, and explain how we are getting her to them. This is important because I want her to continue to build muscle in a lean state while learning to incorporate higher calorie and lower calorie days and live even when she isn’t working with me (which I hope isn’t for a long time). Lastly I want to say this is a product of a client that follows a plan to the letter. Results are not typical but they 100% are when you are exact with following a program that clicks for you. I know she’s not cheating on her diet, I know she’s progressing in her lifts, I know variables are not changing unless I’m changing them. Long term she will have more flexibility and she’ll know how to do that because we will have practiced that too before she stops working with me. For now things are precise because that’s why she hired me. It’s my absolute privilege to be her coach.