WMF episode #3 Navigating the Holidays

Navigating the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Welcome to Episode 3 of the Women’s Maximum Fitness podcast!!
The first 7 minutes Kelly and I talk about our Thanksgiving experiences and that mine was a tad vegetarian and how much we love food. (Especially bacon and bologna sandwiches) We talked about our amazing training post Thanksgiving thanks to the abundance of delicious fuel.

(3:20) @walkerbrooke Brooke Walker IFBB pro mentioned as a upcoming guest even though I accidentally mismentioned saying she was a women’s physique competitor but she’s actually an IFBB pro.

(7:30) Intro to this show topic of navigating the holidays. We talk about how to avoid over-eating, adjusting your choices according to your goals and desires, and overall perspective with parties and gatherings. This episode is applicable to all people (except maybe contest prep clients in prep) and will help alleviate anxiety for those who are very busy with back to back to back parties or those with just the occasional event while trying to stay on track with health goals.

(10:36) I open up the episode with a study showing all in all the average weight gain during the holidays is ______. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4336296/

(12:30) First tip.

(14:05) Second tip and a few things NOT to do, including fasting and restricting and why that’s a bad idea for most people.

(18:05) Third tip.

(19:50) Fail to plan, plan to fail. 3 ways to ensure your party is satisfying but not too over-indulgent.

(22:05) Addressing alcohol and the risks involved. Wine not?

(24:00) 3 tips to help you avoid overeating while at a party.

(26:40) Fourth tip. Don’t stuff yourself and slow down and savor each bite.

(28:55) Fifth tip.

(30:25) Kelly and I talk about how to get workouts in, if it’s better to shorten your session and how, and what about cardio with all these extra calories being consumed.

(34:55) Perspective is everything when we overeat and here I share a tip on how to avoid the guilt of eating foods that are not in your diet.

(36:30) Kelly talks about working as a pediatric RN and manager of that ward on Christmas. (Right in the feels!!)

(38:20) I start to cry talking about what Christmas means to me. I talk about one of our traditions me and Anna have and how things have changed since my brothers family moved out of state and my dad is slowly declining with Parkinson’s disease.

Kelly and I talk about presence versus presents and just giving what you can and being kind in small ways. I share a story of a “Pay it forward angel” I encountered at Christmas in 2016 that blew my mind. We talk about the power each of us has to change the lives of those struggling to make this time special because it’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” and  it isn’t always.

(43:00) We talk about our 3 goals for the week.
Thanks for listening!

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