WMF episode #5 Training through injury, sickness & periods, Oh My!

Training through injury, sickness & periods, Oh My!

What doesn’t kill you….



In the first minutes 52 minutes I talk about ALL my experiences with injuries, what I did to recover from them and pinpointing why each injury happened. This is very important and applicable for anyone. I cover things like stressful jobs, overtraining, and genetics. 1. Herniated disc in my neck 2. Torn labrum in my left shoulder resulting in rotator cuff surgery to repair the tear 3. Golfers and tennis elbow in both elbows (tendinitis) 4. Biceps tendinitis (which I got a steroid shot for that I didn’t mention) 5. Bulging/herniated disc between L4/L5 6. Torn meniscus in my left knee.

(53:00) I talk about how my training has changed resulting from these experiences and what they all taught me about myself. I also talk about how what I’ve learned has helped me with clients training programs. I give some training set up examples and talk about that set up more specifically for a leg session.  This was trial and error and it can be so I talk about how I monitor recovery and adjust training.

(59:50) Having an arm day is like having a calf day. (for beginners)

(1:03.00I talk about training around/through sickness. I mention some Natural supplements to take when sick.

(1:08.40) I talk about tips for staying on track with diet and training through menstrual/hormone cycles.

Mentions: John Jewett IFBB Pro @johnjewett3 Jason Theobald IFBB pro @scoobyprep1_ifbbpro Shelby Starnes IFBB pro @shelbystarnes100 Tara Woodland NP/Homeopath/mom  @tara.woodland

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