WMF episode #6 Q&A Train Like a Girl

Q&A Train Like a Girl!

Train like a bodybuilder look like a girl.


In the first four and a half minutes you get my intro.

(4:55) Why am I losing weight but not getting leaner? I cover mistakes people make when dieting and training to lose body fat.

(16:00) What does “Your training needs to have a purpose” mean? I also talk about social media and what issues I have with the women’s workouts posted on social media (in general, not naming names). Hyper-responders and the genetically gifted don’t have to follow the rules for hypertrophy.

(20:30) Protein content for dieting

(23:40) The sleep factor

(24:20) How do I get all that protein in?

(28:20) I go over my entire current daily diet meal by meal.

(30:00) How do I make competing and regular exercise body-positive for my daughter so she’s not exercise and diet obsessed?

(37:00) Why do you want to compete? Reason to and reasons not to.

(40:40) the remainder of the podcast is a mix of setting up training: workouts, splits, RPE, and intensity. I talk about how i used to train, how I train now and a few ways I set workouts and programs up for myself and clients. I talk about implementing rest days and adjusting training and how that’s ok as long as you keep going.

(43:30) I talk about the importance of mobility and priming. (ie: my glute class plus) I talk about how you can monitor progress with mobility activities)

(45:45) Factors that do not determine a good workout that people often use as a measure of progress.

(46:45) I talk specifically about how I set up training programs and workouts and measuring progress. I talk about variety for adherence versus eliminating variables for progress and minimal measurements required to track strength progression.

(55:10) Should I train to failure? My perspective and method as a natural bodybuilder.

Mentions: John Jewett IFBB Pro @johnjewett3 Luke Sandoe IFBB pro @lukesandoe

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