WMF podcast #4 New Year New Me..For real!

New Year New Me… For real!

The difference between poison and medicine is the dose.


Sorry about the paper shuffling in the first few minutes— I didn’t realize I was fidgeting)

In the first 16 minutes we have our intro and I give an overview of the show and recap my past year. I talk about 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. Bear with me it’s very applicable and not very churchy or religiousy.

(16:30) Applying SMART goals to health goals and explaining why and how goal setting is important. The 5 points of S.M.A.R.T. goals explained.

(34:50) “To do” steps. 5 helpful strategies to help generate success.

(43:15) What not to do. These 4 things will detail you every time.

(48:38) Simple set up covering 6 variables for a customized health plan.

(55:30) Why I love Planet Fitness

(1:02) My goals 3-5 goals I’m publicly sharing for 2020

(1:03) I talk about my Glute Class Plus starting up again at Family Fitness in Portage in January 7th on reoccurring Tuesday and Friday’s.

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