WMF episode #2 Meal Prep Simple Recipes

Meal Prep & Simple Recipes

Ma! The meatballs!!!


Episode #2 of WMF recorded the Sunday before Thanksgiving! Kelly @kkorf is back with me. We briefly discuss that this was our opportunity to talk about number twos and digestion as a show topic since this will be our only episode #2, but we instead talk about meal prep and share some simple recipes.

  • The first 4 minutes is chitchat and intro as we just try to get comfortable and better at podcasting.
  • (4:08) Question: What is the best diet? I briefly talk about popular diets now and in days of yore. And answer the question.
  • (5:25) Question (s): What is the typical set up for diet/ macros for a client and should the average person track macros and how should she do that? I talk about an easier way to figure out your macros rather than using your Total Daily Energy expenditure or BMR or macros calculators etc. I talk about using apps to track calories and macros. I talk about how much of your calories should come from proteins, carbs, and fats and how you can eat more carbs in a day based on nutrient timing.
  • (11:55) The Complete Calorie Counter book from the 90’s reference. Kelly and I talk about reading labels and it’s importance. Kelly shares a cool new food scale she got from Greater Goods.
  • (15:40) What sets one up for a successful diet and what are some of the issues the average person runs into with tracking food?
  • (21:08) We talk about some of our favorite meals in our current diets. Including how to make overnight oats. We discuss some meal prep tips. @isolatorfitness or Isolatorfitness.com is a sponsor that has great meal prep containers and meal bags and you can use code buffcake22 for 15% off at check-out.
  • (30:10) Easiest complete non-perishable meal.
  • (31:05) I talk about protein powders I recommend and which is best for baking versus drinking. One company that I love it truenutrition.com @dante_trudel Dante Trudel made this company and you can customize your protein and use code buffcake22 for a discount.
  • (32:50) I talk about protein math and other variables to figure out what is a “good” protein powder. We talk about vegan protein powder other various whey proteins.
  • (38:40) We list some to-go snacks including protein bars and our favorite low-cal condiments. Squareorganics.com sponsors us and their protein bars are DELISH and you can use code buffcake22 for any of their products for free shipping. They are vegan and organic.
  • Recipe 1 (46:48) Truffle Bars
  • (48:59) website newsletter mentioned and current link is https://withmefit.com/monthly-newsletter/
  • Recipe 2 (50:28) Fool Proof Protein pancakes plus a great tip for reheating protein pancakes.
  • Recipe 3 (53:20) Easy pizza using Joseph’s Flatbreads (110 calories for crust plus toppings)
  • Recipe 4 (54:40) Turkey and sweet potato meatballs
  • (57:00) Kelly and I talk about our goals for the week!

All these recipes are or will be found at my website which is transitioning from www.withmefit.com to www.womensmaximumfitness.com

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