I on-line coach clients for contest prep in all categories and clients with practical lifestyle/transformation – so whether you’re looking to step on stage, lose body fat, or gain muscle I can help you.


  • Weekly/bi-weekly check ins with me via the WMF check-in button
  • Unlimited email communication for questions and joys
  • Your diet based off your food preferences adjusted as needed or at check-ins
  • Your training/exercise split/program designed around your capabilities. needs, and schedule
  • Your suggested cardio based on necessity.
  • Information about when to do higher calorie meals/days and snack swaps so you can live outside your diet ie: regular cheat or refeed meals and food tracking and swapping.
  • Over the counter supplementation suggestions specifically for YOU personally
  • Detailed information “why” all the above so you learn, not just follow blindly and you are prepared to live your new lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for and stick with it or learn about contest prep during prep.
  • The diet I provide is customized to you and you will learn how to track foods/meals to get the macros in each meal from day one.
  • I do not provide macros only diets as I feel they are extremely susceptible to user error and difficult to get results with initially. Lifestyle clients will be taught to count macros and calories for long term success though and this will be practiced under my watch as your coach so you can succeed.
  • Contest prep clients must understand there is less leeway for variables and we will decide together the best routes to get you on stage according to your goals and in a healthy manner.


  • Program price ($159) is waved for past clients or clients committed to a 6 month minimum contract.
  • Monthly subscription to the website at $5.99 is required for clients to allow access to check-ins via the porthole.
  • Monthly payment is paid through Venmo (Debra-Terpstra) or Paypal ( prior to each month’s coaching.
  • Every 3 months a personalized testimonial/feedback is much appreciated but not required. This allows me to continue to learn and improve as a coach as well as displays your success.
  • Posing help is free via video/pictures for prep clients. It shows me you are practicing and presentation is important to you.I don’t charge for this because I can critique/adjust things on my time schedule.
  • Posing in person or via face-time or Skype is $50 per session for prep clients.
  • Prep clients will be given a 4-6 week reverse protocol post-show regardless of if paid coaching is cancelled so you can safely transition back into a healthy lifestyle.
  • A post show personalized testimonial/feedback is much appreciated from prep clients. This allows me to continue to learn and improve as a coach as well as display your success.


  • Request the WMF Assessment form. Please check your spam e-mail.
  • Take front, back and both sides progress pictures in appropriate attire to submit with the questionnaire. (Directions are included)
  • After submitting the assessment form and pictures you will hear back from me within 3 business days. Again, please check your spam mail.
  • After assessing whether we can proceed as coach and client I will send instructions on payment so we can get started.
  • Within 7 days you will have your customized WMF program along with an extensive voice note walking you through it, plus all my contact information.


  • The program start up price is *$159. Clients must subscribe to the website for $5.99 monthly to access the client check-in porthole. Monthly coaching is $150 which is paid by you via Venmo or Paypal.