I on-line coach clients for contest prep in all categories and clients with practical lifestyle/transformation – so whether you’re looking to step on stage, lose body fat, or gain muscle I can help you.


  • Weekly check ins with me via the WMF check-in button
  • Unlimited email/text communication
  • Diet based off your food preferences adjusted as needed. (Yes you get cheat meals/refeed meals.)
  • Training/exercise program designed with your goals, capabilities, needs, equipment, and schedule in mind.
  • Suggested cardio
  • Suggested OTC supplementation
  • Frequent voice notes from me explaining the “why’s” of what’s changing with your program throughout your entire coaching experience.
  • Information how to track foods and their macros in each meal from day one from your customized diet. (IIFYM)
  • Contest prep clients: Please understand there is less leeway for diet variables as prep progresses and we will decide together the best routes to get you on stage according to your goals and capabilities in a healthy manner.


  • Program price ($159) is waved for past clients or clients committed to a 6 month minimum contract.
  • Monthly subscription to the website at $5.99 is required for clients to allow access to check-ins via the porthole.
  • Coaching payment is $150/month pre-paid through Venmo (Debra-Terpstra) or Paypal (
  • Posing help is free via video/pictures for prep clients.
  • Posing in person or via face-time or Skype is $50 per session for prep clients.
  • Prep clients will be given a FREE 4-6 week reverse diet post-show.


  • Request the WMF Assessment form.
  • Please check your spam e-mail.
  • Follow the assessment form directions and submit back to me.
  • You will hear back from me within 3 business days. (Again, please check your spam mail.)
  • Within 7 days you will have your customized WMF program, an extensive voice note walking you through it, and all my contact information.


  • The program start up price is *$159.
  • Clients must subscribe to the website for $5.99 monthly to access the client check-in porthole.
  • Coaching is $150/month which is paid via Venmo or Paypal.