Written Training Programs

These program are on the WMF website and are currently available to all active WMF subscribers/clients.

  1. WMF 1.0 Program Description: This written program is excellent for anyone familiar with training and looking for a plan and accountability to take them to the next level of muscle building. It is a typical “bro” split (Chest dominant instead of shoulder dominant) but can be used by men or women and is designed to be used for 6-8 weeks or until progress stalls. WMF 1.0 is a rotation of 3 days on, one day off, repeat. Choose the order you prefer. (push/pull/legs, or pull/legs/pull etc.) alternating the A workout with the B workout every 8 days.
  2. WMF 2.0 Program Description: This is my training program beginning 10-1-19. It is 5 training days and 2 rest days weekly with lower body trained 3x (sectioned off primarily into glutes, hamstrings, and quads) with some carry-over. Upper body is trained 3x every week covering back, shoulders, chest and arms, grouped as push and pull sessions to combine body parts. Push days are more shoulder-dominant with fewer chest exercises. This is a great program for anyone who knows how train and is ready to take their training to the next level.