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Terms and Conditions

  1. Debra is not a licensed doctor or medical professional and any program (whether purchased or on the WithMeFit website) or WithMeFit.com content should not be used as a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care or advice. Please consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise or diet regimen.
  2. Any and all advice or information (whether purchased or on the WithMeFit website)  is hypothetical and for entertainment purposes only. The subscriber/client/member assumes any or all risk involved when choosing to follow any said advice or program from Debra or WithMeFit.com.
  3. All website content is for private individual use only and may not be screenshotted, shared, broadcast, copied, redistributed, or sold without the consent of Debra Terpstra and WithMeFit.com (owner of www.withmefit.com and the content therein and products of).
  4. All client/coaching content including pictures, videos, or written words is property of www.withmefit.com and may be published or used on the site or social media for testimonial or teaching purposes.
  5. All content of a customized purchased program (any kind) is confidential and to be used for the purchasing individual only and is not to be shared, broadcast, copied, redistributed, or sold without the consent of Debra Terpstra and WithMeFit.com (owner of www.withmefit.com and the content therein and products of).
  6. All programs/subscriptions/coaching levels have access to WithMeFit.com and the contents therein.
  7. Website only subscriptions are under no contract and may be cancelled at any time.
  8. No refunds or partial refunds will be given for website membership cancellations.
  9. All coaching is paid through automatic billing that begins 7 days after purchasing a program and is automatically billed every 30 days by a separate billing company which is a second party (Paypal or Stripe) through the membership website. (Not Debra and not WithMeFit.com ) Automatic billing will continue until cancelled by the paying subscriber/client/member.
  10. Customized plan coaching is automatically billed monthly. Any coaching services that a client wishes to discontinue must be cancelled before the next billing cycle and before his/her next scheduled check-in. Your billing date will be noted in your initial purchased program. If a client cancels coaching after their scheduled check in, automatic billing will continue another 30 days without coaching. The client has an opportunity to cancel coaching through written expressed consent and desire of termination at any time before his/her next scheduled check-in. No partial refunds will be given for discontinuing coaching after the automated billing has hit for that 30 day cycle.
  11. Customized plans for contest prep (whether active prep or offseason/improvement season) are on a month by month contract that automatically renews every 30 days unless the subscriber/client/member cancels.
  12. Clients purchasing customized plans may please credit Debra Jean Terpstra (@buffcake22) or WithMeFit.com (without posting actual personalized content or info) when posting on social media about your progress, plan, or training and feel free to use the hashtags #teambuffcake #WithmeFit and tag/follow @buffcake22 @withmefit @teambuffcake
  13. All coaching prices are subject to change and subscribers/clients/members will be grandfathered into their set prices for the remainder of the fiscal year, upon which subscription or coaching prices may be altered and the client must renew at the new price or be subject to termination.
  14. All purchases are final without warrantees or guarantees or refunds.
  15. Any subscriber/client/member thought to be in violation of these terms and conditions may have their site membership and or coaching terminated.
  16. By purchasing this program and or subscribing to WithMeFit.com you agree to these stated terms and conditions.